The safest and most effective way to bounce back from an ugly hair loss, and regrow a full hair or beard…

" Bouncing back from hairloss, baldness and growing a full hair."

 If you think your hair loss and general hair problems are too stubborn to be solved…wait till you read my story.

Pardon my manners, my name is Abena. I used to be bright and bubbly like every beautiful Ghanaian girl in her early twenties. I even had high hopes of becoming a super model because I had that body.  

However, in the early months of 2015, my life took a turn for the worst. I suffered a severe and ugly hair loss…  

It didn’t come at once, I first noticed my full hair and frontals were depleting by March 2014 and I thought it was nothing to worry about till I lost it all in 2015.  

I practically had the ugliest hair in the whole wide Ghana, it was in patches like rats feasted on my hair...  

I hurt myself several times when I punched through my mirror because I was disgusted by my new look. I gave it time to see if my hair would come back the way it left…  

but of course, nothing happened  

At this point, my life was worse than a train wreck because my confidence and self-esteem were at the lowest.  

Because of this, my grades suffered in school, and I couldn’t dare talk about modelling anymore because I thought I was the ugliest and least confident girl in the world.  

This lasted nearly a year while I tried several medications and consulted with several doctors, even local herbalists.  

Nothing worked out in this time.  

My boyfriend left in this time because I was the worst girlfriend in the world at the time… I kept acclaiming that I was ugly, full of self-pity, and it practically drove him away.  

I was a burden to my family because I couldn’t get a job…  

My family tried to be there for me, but insensitive friends and strangers made fun of me and I wished the earth would swallow me sometimes.  

Seeing my mother’s health deteriorate because of my condition made me resolve within me to find a way to repair my hair and be beautiful again.

 My moment of relief came when I saw an advert on DSTV…

 I was indoors as I had become used to, watching CNN on TV when the commercials featured a foreign solution that could “fix any hair trouble” literally. It said the solution could regrow lost hair, repair broken hair, grow full hair and frontals, and even beards in about 56 days.  

Usually, I doubted these commercials after my experiences, but this was on CNN…  

I called my old-time friend in the U.K and asked her to help me check for this solution and if it was as effective as the TV commercial advertised.  

She confirmed it was the best product on the market, and sent me a bunch of photos of how her mother-in-law grew her hair back from baldness with the product.  

I figured there was nothing to lose even though it cost a hefty 350Ghs, the 14-day money back guarantee made me even more confident.  

By the time it arrived at my door step seven )7) days later, the solution already cost nearly 450Ghs because I paid for shipping, but I was more concerned about its effectiveness than the money I had spent.  

I started using it immediately and within 5 days there was remarkable progress. I could see and feel some hair actually sprouting from my head.  

I was overjoyed!  

I decided to remain indoors till I had enough of my hair back to look like a new girl. I kept on using the product and in a little over 3 weeks my hair had been restored and all the patches were gone.  

By the 56th day I had more hair than I ever had in my life, it was magical.  

Lots of people with similar hair loss issues and regular full hair trouble pressed me for the source of the product.  

I did tell them it was a foreign product, but the expensive price tag on the product discouraged many people from going for it.  

I saw a lady break down in church when her hair was revealed by a playful friend and I thought I had to try to help these people because I knew what it felt like.  

After months of trying, I made my friend in the U.K. strike a deal with the foreign manufacturers to sell me the solution in bulk, but at a discounted price.  

I just wanted the solution to be easily available and affordable by the average Ghanaian woman or man.  

I put my money on the line to order 150 units of the solution and in a little less than 3 weeks, it was less than half remaining. (about 68).  

82 units of the solution had been booked and collected already, with over 30 persons making an order before it arrived.  

I was even happier to see that it worked superbly for them too, and there were even a few persons that came back for more.  

See some testimonies and reviews of happy people who used the product

More testimonies will feature as they come, and be assured that we keep every info shared confidential, we only share testimonies with permission to do so.

So, there are 68 of the solution in stock with over 25 booked already;

If you want the 2 in 1 hair solution kit brewed from natural plants, oils, herbs and shea butter that will help you to grow your hair naturally, soften it, anti-dandruff, treatment for scalp, alopecia, more front hair, Beard growth for men, Darkening hair, etc.

 Here’s how to get it first and pay only after you receive the product.

 Discount Price = GH¢150 for orders before 

(After the discount period date, you pay GH¢250 against GH¢350 I paid for the product)  

It's 100% safe, natural oils with no side effect

...and gives quick and lasting result.

 I am pretty sure you’re excited about laying on your hands on this effective hair solution…  

Orders placed on or before 

Will enjoy 100% free delivery to any part of Ghana.  

You won’t find these products in your local supply shop, and if you do I promise it will cost the better part of GH¢350…    

And of course, Your order is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed...

You will get a full refund if you don’t see signs of improvement after 21 days, depending on how much of the solution your hair needs. You also get to keep the to make up for wasted time…      

This is all to show you that we are excited and have absolute faith in the solution….Pay on delivery, 100% guarantee, money back guarantee and effective solution…What more?  

Go ahead and place and order now.    

Get it today! 







Example, if you want only 2 bottles, your message should look like this: Nana Nyarko, No 5, ABC Street, ABC Estate, Accra, 0268934705 and 0245702319, Hair fix Solution (2 bottles)

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will contact you, and thereafter dispatch your order.

You receive it within 1-3 business days... and pay the dispatch rider upon delivery.  




1. Xuansi classic hair oil
2. Mansi To Hair oil
3. Argon hair growth shampoo or any hair growth shampoo.

If you are reading this then you already have the Xuansi and Mansi hair growth oils.


It works on all hair types if you can get to the scalp of your head.
However, it is preferable and more effective on NATURAL HAIR.


1. Wash your hair with shampoo,

2. Dry it off

3. Apply the classic oil to the roots of your hair, don't bother applying to the grown-out hair.

However, you may apply to your grown-out hair if you want to keep it shining and smelling nice.

4. Start applying the "To Hair" product whenever the "Classic oil" finishes.

N/B: 1. The classic oil is a little harsher than the To Hair oil, that's why it comes first to help stabilize hair growth.

2. Wash your hair with the shampoo after every 3 days.
That's it, have fun growing your hair.

I look forward to helping you get a full and well-nourished hair, including frontals.

  To contact me with your questions, send it any time of the day as WhatsApp message to 0555659558 or as email to:    

You can also call us on 0555659558 (Call time: Monday - Saturdays 8am - 7pm only)  Calls outside these times may not be picked.      

N/B: We respond faster to SMS/WhatsApp messages or emails to calls, so will prefer you contact us more through WhatsApp or emails.




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